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Districte Born - Tapas Restaurant in Barcelona

Districte Born in Barcelona located on Princess Street, we work to offer a dining experience based on commitment, quality and closeness. We want to be the choice of those who value the worlds, stories and secrets that hide behind every dish.


We cook with local products, many of our suppliers located within a radius of 100 km
The 80% of the wine offer is for Catalan products.
We believe in small producers and local merchant, in the quality, diversity and authenticity, so select and collaborate with those who meet these criteria.
We try to go beyond our satisfaction and that of the guests who visit us actively involved in non-profit projects of social action.


We select high quality products, which have been conreados, reared or produced sustainably, careful and professional.
We just have a secret, our raw material, just trying to keep optimal conditions in each of our creations.


Our culinary delights are maintained and unpretentious. It is our way to reach out to people and communicate our philosophy.
It is difficult to get each of our guests feel at home, so we settle for sitting in a friend's house.
The design of the room, with shared tables and an intimate, seeks to enhance the comfort and relaxed atmosphere around a rich dining experience i gratifying. 


Our cuisine


Vinos Barcelona Tapas Barcelona Copes Barcelona

There is no better way to complement tapas than with a carefully selected wine.  Our innovative “mood” menu will help you choose from amongst the twenty “denominations of origin” kept in our cellar.

From the kitchen to the table, you will test our selection of tapas

With or without our recommendation, choose your drink and we will pair it with an appropriate aperitif, raising your spirits in the process.


DISTRICTE BORN/ T. 93 295 50 37/ PRINCESA 33/ 08003 BARCELONA/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.